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By all outward appearances your life is SUCCESSFUL. You have the career, and financial wealth, but you feel EMPTY …

Your career has taken priority over your relationships, and now, you are LONELY.

You crave LOVE, fantastic sex, and deep fulfillment.

Fear of rejection keeps you locked in a cycle of empty hookups, and painful breakups, or empty relationships.

You need Dr. Lurve - the leading expert on the science and metaphysics of how people fall in love - and stay in love!


The LURVe Lab

with Dr. Lurve

A Combination of Science and Metaphysics.

The recipe on how people love.

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The space where Dr. Lurve creates magic.

She takes the chemistry of both men and women and works out what is the best way to love each other.  

It's the combination of Science and Metaphysics, that works together to create a love potion.

Science is the biological.

Behavior, emotions, cognition, and spiritually is the metaphysical.

Science. Behaviour. Emotion. Spirituality.

Because love is the best kind of experiment!

Who are you?

What are you?

What lights your fire?

What do you think love is?

Is this how you are going to love?

It’s time to say goodbye to unfulfilling relationships.

The Doctor is in!


“Speaking with Dr. Lurve gave me so many Oprah Winfrey “ah-ha” moments! For years I have been trying to figure out my relationship blocks and she was able to artfully articulate them to me in a way no one has ever done before. She is extremely professional, thoughtful and deeply cares about making your relationship journey meaningful.”

Lindsay McLaurin

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