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5 Ways Women Over 30 Sabotage Love

Life might not have turned out like the romantic comedy you dreamt it to be when you were a teenager — being 30 and single can be great for some but what you really want is someone to cuddle up with on the couch and fight over who gets the last slice of pizza.

Finding a solution to why you might not have found ‘the one’ yet isn’t easy work but with a bit of inward reflection and giving yourself the right opportunities at love, you might surprise yourself.

In the past, have you focused too much on what men want in the relationship? Or do you feel your work life is so busy you can’t even think of having a relationship right now? Perhaps you’ve just given up because ‘all men are the same’?


If you want to allow yourself the chance to find love and discover the reasons why you’re sabotaging love in your 30’s…

it’s time to look a little deeper and check out how we identified the 5 Ways Women Over 30 Sabotage Love.

By opening your mind to the possibilities you’re missing out on, you’ll be able to focus on how you can go from attracting losers to finding Mr. Right!