Has your relationship been on the rocks for a while and you’re not sure how to get back to the smooth sailing you once had?

  • Perhaps you’re living more like roommates than a couple, going through the motions but not connecting like you used to?

  • Are you trying to regain trust after a damaging incident to your relationship?

  • Do you want to get the passion and intimacy back, but can’t seem to stop fighting?

Over the course of four intimate days, you and your partner will go on a much-deserved vacation in your very own city with Dr. Lurve, as you go on an intensive couples journey to breathe new life into your relationship.

Connected Couples Coaching

The Connected Couples Coaching program is an intensive program designed for couples that want effective results and want to work together to discover the roots of their relationship.

Just like the experts you see on your favourite T.V shows, Dr. Lurve is eager to work with you both to achieve relationship harmony and reignite the flame, while unpacking the issues and identifying triggers.

Spend three nights in a luxurious hotel together while Dr. Lurve conducts intensive and intimate sessions to get your relationship back on track. Enjoy the lavishness of a holiday you might not take often enough with your partner and discover a deeper understanding of your relationship as you unearth your true feelings.

Connected Couples Coaching Program

Together, you’ll experience unlocked emotions and see where your heart lies by discussing communication strategies, the language of love and the power of forgiveness.

In these intense sessions you’ll identify your subconscious patterns and come together as a couple to reconnect as you once were.

Once the retreat is complete:

You will have a greater insight into your relationship and will touch base with Dr. Lurve for a catch-up session once a month for three months, to ensure you’re both working toward the same goals and experiencing love like you just started dating.

Spots for the Connected Couples Coaching Program are very limited and commence once a month.

Couples Coaching Program

Express your interest now and give your relationship a great chance at survival!