Dr. Lurve is a love and relationship coach and celebrity speaker.

As Australia’s leading expert on all things love, Dr. Lurve specializes in helping people navigate the science and metaphysics of relationships. A modern-day cupid for individuals discovering self-love, singles ready to find love, and couples ready to make love last forever, she is the singular authority on how to make relationships work.

The Lurve Lab is where Dr. Lurve keeps her signature series of courses, classes, and intensives for those ready to find, cultivate, and keep love. From discovering chemistry to transforming love gone wrong, Dr. Lurve guides couples in creating connections that can last a lifetime.

As a celebrity speaker, Dr. Lurve brings rich and raw content to your radio, TV, or live event.  She is an experienced media personality who has been featured on Channel 7, Yahoo, Daily Mail, and many more. Dr. Lurve is available for media appearances internationally.

* Trainings and Certification:

  • Bachelor of Social Science

  • Bachelor of Teaching

  • Postgraduate Diploma

  • Master of Science, Coaching

  • Robbins-Madanes Coach Training

  • NLP & CET Practitioner Certification

  • Hypnotherapy

  • CBT & Mindfulness

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*“Dr Lurve does not offer or provide any psychological services or other medical or health related treatments.”