+ Have commitments like kids, careers, and mortgages gotten in the way of who you are as a couple?

+ Do you want to stop fighting with your partner and bring back the love and passion you once had for each other?

+ Are you tired of living like roommates and not connecting like you used to?

Reconnect Relationship Retreat

It sounds like you both deserve a tropical getaway in an exotic location, am I right?

However, this isn’t your average holiday — this trip will not only help put each other at the forefront of your priorities, but it will give you both a deeper appreciation of your relationship. 

Reconnect Relationship Retreat.jpg

On this Reconnect Relationship Retreat, you’ll join a small group of couples abroad and embark on a journey with your partner and become the infatuated couple you once were.

This exclusive retreat includes your:

  • 7-day accommodation in a gorgeous paradise setting

  • all meals

  • tours

  • local transport throughout the trip

  • exciting activities designed specifically for you.

Whether you’re both adrenaline junkies or prefer a spiritual and relaxing experience, Dr. Lurve will provide nothing but the best for your luxurious couples getaway.

Reconnect Relationship Retreat

For the week, Dr. Lurve will be paying close attention to each couple as activities will be recorded and reviewed, providing you with a professional outsider’s perspective on your relationship.

Your trip in a tropical paradise setting of destinations like Queensland, Bali, Hawaii, Fiji, Thailand or Vietnam, will give you and your partner the alone time you need to reconnect, while working on intimate activities and challenges, designed by Dr. Lurve, that bring you closer than ever.

Express your interest and find out more about this exclusive Reconnect Relationship Retreat by providing your details below.

It’s time to bite the bullet and take control of your love life – no more excuses or putting it off for a later date – your life is happening now!