As a woman trying to figure out her love life, have you been asking yourself any of these questions:

  • Why can’t I catch a break when it comes to dating?

  • The dating game has changed, how can I keep up?

  • Am I going to be stuck in this unfulfilling relationship forever?

  • Do I attract the wrong people?

  • How can I be confident like other women?

  • Will I ever get over the pain my ex put me through?

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If this sounds like you whether you’re single or in a relationship, you need my help!

Like so many women, you might be stuck in a toxic relationship or feel like you’d rather be single than go on another bad date. I get it, it feels like a waste of your time — but it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

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In this 8 week Online Group Program you’ll join a small group of women who are experiencing the same struggles as you.

We work together to unlock your relationship fears, discover your subconscious patterns of behaviour and look into the complicated world of dating.

Your program includes:

  • Weekly group face-to-face Q&A sessions with Dr. Lurve

  • A weekly webinar session to discuss this week’s program

  • A private Facebook group to share your stories and experiences with other women

  • Your personal Dr. Lurve workbook and manual

  • And a free ticket to the end of year event!

Opening your eyes to opportunities and bringing your confidence to new heights is just what the doctor ordered!

With this tailor-made program, Dr. Lurve helps identify what you need to do to finally say goodbye to losers and hello to Mr. Right.

Road Map To Lurve Online Group Program with Dr. Lurve

Unpack your intimacy issues, let go of past relationship fears, and take the lead in your love life.

Express your interest and find out more about this exclusive 8-week Online Group Program by providing your details below — why not get your single girlfriend to join you too?

No more putting off your storybook romance, your life is happening now!