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The 5 Reasons Your Past Relationships Are Stopping You From Finding Love

  • Relationships at the best of times can be hard work and figuring out how to navigate yourself into one that’s just starting out, without trying to bring your relationship fears from the past, is tricky business. 

  • If we don’t recognise we are unloading baggage from previous partners into a new relationship, we put strains on something that’s just starting to blossom; causing potential harm that can result in the relationship collapsing before it’s given a chance. 

Can you identify your past fears that you may or may not know you’re implementing to your current relationships?

Whether it’s a relationship with former partners or how you connect with your parents, our experiences from the past ultimately shape how we encounter new relationships.


Have you been severely hurt by someone close to you or can’t identify destructive behaviours?

Perhaps you find it hard to be alone or trust others? 

Whatever your situation may be, gain a deeper insight by reading The 5 Reasons Your Past Relationships Are Stopping You From Finding Love. Allow yourself the opportunity to open the doors to love and leave your emotional baggage unattended.


“Speaking with Dr. Lurve gave me so many Oprah Winfrey “ah-ha” moments! For years I have been trying to figure out my relationship blocks and she was able to artfully articulate them to me in a way no one has ever done before. She is extremely professional, thoughtful and deeply cares about making your relationship journey meaningful.”

Lindsay McLaurin