7 sex tips that will make the weekend WAY more interesting

Balancing work, a social life and parenting is hard as it is, let alone trying to find alone time with your partner. While you write your errands for Saturday, put your partner on your ‘to-do’ list and make some time to be intimate again.

Release your built-up tension and produce endorphins so not only will your mood be lifted but you’ll feel well rested for the week ahead! Take the time with your partner this weekend and put your libido to work. We’ve got a few ideas on how you can spice things up in and out of the bedroom.

7 sex tips for the weekend.jpg


1.     Shower power
Dip your toes before diving into the naughty stuff: strip off and share a hot shower with your partner. Getting into a steamy, soapy session will have you feeling like you’re in a scene from 50 Shades… minus the chains and whips!

2.     Poll position
Are you guilty of automatically assuming the missionary position? Step out of your sexual comfort zone this weekend and try a new position! If you want to play it safe, try a spooning position (both laying on your side facing the same way) or if you want a twist literally on an old favourite try the reverse cowgirl (you’re on top facing their feet).

3.     Location, location, location!
Sex is expected to take place in the bedroom, no? While it’s private and familiar it can sometimes be down right mundane. Try moving your session to somewhere different in the house whether it’s the couch, kitchen or floor! If home is a no-go try being creative — I’m sure your back seat is bigger now than it was in your 20s!

4.     I lube you
The underestimated stimulant of our time, lube keeps everyone ready to go and comes in many flavours, designed to enhance both your experience and taste buds! Head to your favourite pleasure shop and sample flavours to see what you and your partner might enjoy. Next time you’re getting intimate you’ll be drooling at the chance to try the lube on each other!

5.     And the Oscar goes to...

It’s time to dust off the old librarian costume and have a little fun with role play. Even if you don’t have a costume you can both go to a bar and pretend to have just met. Give your acting skills a flex and pretend to be someone else for a night; you and your partner will have fun while playing dress up, and even more fun dressing down!

6.     Food, glorious food
Introducing food to your foreplay routine will not only lengthen the lead-up to sex, but give you an appreciation for using your partner as a plate. Scented foods like sweet strawberries, papaya, or grapes to feed your partner or eat off their stomach are an easy, inexpensive way to start. If you’re more daring, try dripping warm chocolate sauce on each other to embark on a sensory, pleasure-filled journey.

7.     Take me by surprise

Putting time aside for sex can be important when you’re busy, but nothing can switch on your libido faster than an out-of-the-blue passionate kiss from your partner. The element of surprise is more stimulating than you’d expect, so spend a little more time in bed on Sunday morning than you usually would, or take a flirty moment in the kitchen to a quickie before dinner — turn up the heat and turn on the love.


Being intimate with your partner can bring you closer while lifitng your moods at the same time. Remember to be comfortable and passionate with your encounters, giving them your full attention — it’ll pay off in the long run!

Dr Lurve