How To Know When Time's Up On Your Relationship

Feeling less connected with your partner over the last few months? While the honeymoon phase might be well over, identifying what’s not working in your relationship can be easier said than done. See if you relate to any of these reasons and how to know when it’s time to break up your relationship.

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Lack of communication

The cornerstone of a healthy relationship is communication — discussing issues or venting about work can bring you closer together. If you avoid talking or find it to be more of a chore, it’s easy for one of you to become less interested in the relationship.

A lack of communication for long periods of time can drive a wedge between you, making it easier for one of you to emotionally check-out. Build a bridge by going for a casual dinner to talk things out — if it’s easier to take blood from a stone than have a solid conversation, it’s time to move on.

Stagnant sex

The start of any relationship can be exciting as you learn about each other’s bodies and what you both like, but once you’re used to each other sometimes sex can become more like you’re hitting auto-pilot than turbulance.

Ebs and flows in your sex life is normal, but a dull routine that has you begging for it to be over can mean your sexual chemistry has fizzled out. Keep the fire alive by trying a new position that you’ll both enjoy — if the desire for your partner has gone altogether, you’ll know it’s time.

Under appreciation

Always feel like you’re not doing enough for your partner when you try your best? It might be that they aren’t taking the time to appreciate you — if you drop everything for them without question, but feel like a burden when you need something in return, it’s time to find someone who will acknowledge your efforts and reciprocate.

Sure they might be a great person at heart, but you’ll constantly feel like you’re not living up to their unachievable expectations. If you feel this way, talk to your partner and work it out — if they see nothing wrong with their actions, you know what to do.

Bickering = fights

At the end of the day, every couple has their fights. It’s actually proven to be the sign of a healthy relationship, but only when it’s followed by conflict resolution. If you’re arguing with your partner over an issue, resolving the issue and moving on is a good sign. Although, if it’s a recurring issue that always ends up being swept under the rug it means neither of you are ready to fully let go of your ego and move on from the issue at hand.

Coming to an agreement can be hard, but if you value the relationship more than your pride, working on putting the issue to rest should be your main priority.

Thinking of (not) you

Fantasising about what life would be like if you were living it up as a single? Day-dreaming about that new guy at the gym? If you’re frequently thinking about someone other than your partner it’s a sign that you’re already detaching from your current relationship.

Envisioning your life without them and feeling indifferent about it means you’re clearly ready to move on. Your partner deserves someone who wants them 100 percent, and you deserve to find someone that can hold your attention.

Someone’s been cheating

Cheating comes in many forms and many definitions, if you’ve been cheated on or have cheated, the main concern for any relationship is rebuilding trust. Some couples have overcome cheating scandals and have come out stronger for it, but others can’t get past the feeling of utter betrayal.

A major violation of trust, cheating can make the victim feel they are to blame, or are made to feel they weren’t good enough. If you’re unable to build trust and forgive and forget over time, it’s best to let the relationship come to a natural end than put bandaids over bullet wounds.

Figuring out the signs that your relationship has come to a stand still can be confronting, but once the glass shatters and you open your eyes to issues in your relationship, ending it will seem like the only thing that makes sense.

Dr Lurve