The worst foods impacting your sex life

Finding it hard to feel sexy after eating a certain meal, or wanting to go to sleep as soon as you and your partner get into bed? It might just be the foods you’re eating that make you go from sexy to sleepy. A major factor that impacts our sex drive, mood and feelings is food — while we know there are aphrodisiacs that increase our libido, there are also many foods that work against us that might shock you.

Let’s find out what foods are bad for your sex life and why you’re reaching to squeeze the remote instead of your partner’s butt.

Fried foods

Craving a burger and fries or a large pizza on a Friday night, ready to relax with your beau after a long week? While it sounds like a great night in, it won’t do you any good between the sheets.

Fast food will kill your sex drive faster than you can say ‘Mama Mia’! Flashback to the last time you ate fried food, did it end with you feeling full and tired? Probably; greasy foods will make you sleepy and lethargic because your body works overtime to break down the feast you just consumed. This results in a drastic drop in your libido and a high chance of flaking it on the couch.


Let’s face it, alcohol on a date let’s us loosen up and lose some inhibitions, but too much wine can be not so fine in the bedroom. Drunk sex isn’t as hot as we think it is at the time — it’s more difficult to orgasm while you’re inibriated and your date night turns into a flop (literally). Binge drinking also causes erectile difficulties in men and makes you way too tired, once your head hits the pillow it’s lights out. Stick to one or two drinks if you’re feeling frisky but want a night to remember with your lover.


I know, it’s a tragedy. Your next date night might have to go without copious amounts of red wine and cheese this weekend. Eating cheese before sex can put your hormone levels out of whack and melt your libido down to a sad fondue. Though some might say eating a good cheese paired with wine and a couple of friends is way better than sex anyway!


You read it right, chocolate is a big no-no when it comes to getting intimate. It lowers testosterone in men, meaning the sweet treat offers a sour ending to what you thought would be a night of love making. It’ll make you ready for bed in the literal sense as high doses of methylxanthines in chocolate enters your body, it’s safe to say that’s the only thing entering your body tonight. Thanks to chocolate, you’ll be too sleepy to actually sleep with your partner and be more inclined to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie.


This makes total sense when you think about it — asparagus makes your pee smell funny, but did you know it makes your other bodily fluids potent too? As a cruciferous vegetable, asparagus tastes worse as a flavour coming out of you than going in. If you’re expecting a raunchy night and you’ve gone the extra mile to clean yourself up downstairs, make sure asparagus isn’t in the meal plan a couple days prior, and you’ll be good to go!


This list is the gift that keeps on giving. While coffee can sometimes heighten your sex drive if caffeine doesn’t affect you badly, for some it can leave a bad taste in your mouth. If you suffer anxiety, coffee is probably the last thing you want to consume before a night of sensual love making. Being sensitive to caffeine can be bad at the best of times, so drinking an espresso martini before getting intimate might increase your levels of anxiety, thus lowering your libido. Try ordering a cosmopolitan or savouring a glass of wine at dinner before sealing the deal with your lover.

There’s a reason food rhymes with mood; while easily impacting our feelings, food can work with us or against us when it comes to sex. By identifying delicacies that put a downer on your night in, I hope you can put off the burgers for another night and indulge in your partner instead.

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Dr Lurve