Move over pick up lines – 'vabbing' is the latest icky trend you need to know about

vabbing image.jpg

Before social media and dating apps, you were most likely to find a partner at work, school, university or be set up with someone by friends. Today it’s more about stalking their Instagram profile and trying by any means necessary to have one of those meet-cute situations like all those romantic comedies you watched on Netflix. And ‘by any means necessary’ has been taken to a whole new, icky level thanks to vabbing.


“Did you say dabbing” Nope, it’s vabbing = vagina + dabbing! Thanks to a quick Google search, vabbing is the act of a woman touching herself downstairs and ‘dabbing’ her lady elixir behind her ears.


I can picture your shocked expression as you imagine someone vabbing themselves, but don’t stop now because things are about to get interesting. Vabbing takes your natural pheromones and put it out there to the world to entice a mate, without anyone actually knowing what you’re doing.


Your natural aroma or pheromones can attract a potential partner that will be biologically into you, causing a chemical attraction. I guess that’s one solution for when you forget to put perfume on before leaving the house, right?


While the idea of attraction by smells and pheromones have mainly been proven on animals, it’s not hard to see that there could be a correlation between scents you favour and what your partner’s natural scent is. If you’re game, why not try vabbing for a few days and see what happens!


Feeling anxious about going on a first date, or want to ask out that cutie at the bar? Simple dash to the bathroom and do a little vab. They could show their attraction for you right away after getting a whiff of your pheromones, and they won’t even know.


Vabbing is most effective while you’re ovulating as your body naturally creates your strongest and most organic pheromones to charm a partner into mating — isn’t our uterus’s annoying-biologically-uncontrollable-baby-making-agenda just the best?


If you have some vaginal imbalances such as an STI, you should proceed vabbing with caution. It can be perfectly safe to vab yourself as it won’t affect the skin that’s been doused in your essence. For example, if you have chlamydia and vab behind your ears, once you attract a potential mate, be sure they avoid kissing or licking you in that area.


If you suffer from bacterial vaginosis (BV) I would recommend steering clear of vabbing all together — BV is classified as an overgrowth of bacteria present in the vagina and the off, perhaps fishy scents it causes may have potential partners walking away from you than coming up to you to ask for your number.


The discreet act of vabbing can give a woman the confidence boost that she needs to give her views of dating a new lease on life while finding someone they have a chemical attraction with.


While vabbing hasn’t been scientifically proven to work as it is yet to be tested—because, well, fair enough—the trend is becoming increasingly popular as its awareness (and vaginal elixirs) start to spread across the Internet.


Naturally, we can mate and find a partner without the need for vabbing; but with our ever-changing ideologies around relationships, love and sex, it could be time to try these new dating tools for yourself and see how it goes. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Dr Lurve