Pros and cons of online dating

Blind dates set up by your Aunt are a thing of the past. While dating can be daunting on all fronts, we know finding a prospective partner can be time consuming to say the least. Going on a blind date used to mean going in without any information besides their name—and you couldn’t stalk their social media back then—trying to figure out if this person meets all the requirements you look for in a partner. Thanks to online dating, now a blind date means you meet them for dinner having had a conversation, basically knowing their birthday, friendship group, and even their dog’s name. While the dating scene has changed, some things haven’t, so we’ve compiled a list of positives and negatives that come with the online dating scene.

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Chat in your jammies
Skip the hours of getting ready and jump into your dressing gown, put on a face mask and watch Netflix while you scroll through potential lovers. These days you hardly need to leave your couch to potentially find a date, meaning you save time, money and energy on someone who you isn’t a great match for you — and you even wore your good bra!

#NoFilter? No thanks!
Did you know you can use filters not just for your face, but for your dates? Thanks to advancements within dating apps, you can put filters in place so traits you desire in a potential lover will be top priority in your search. Being able to filter your preferred age, height, gender and location can help you find a match faster since filtering is something you just can’t achieve in real life.

 You had me at *smiling emoji*
Meeting new people is a slightly awkward experience for some and downright terrifying for others. The beauty of the internet is interacting with others without the panic sweats; it gives you a chance to e-meet people you’d never encounter in your own circle. You might even take a chance by talking to someone you do know, but have never had the courage to privately speak to in person!

Say yes to guilt-free dating
Let’s face it, if you’re messaging multiple people, it’s more likely that your chat mates are doing the same. Since it’s so easy to chat to a lot of people at once thanks to the ease and affordability of online dating, it’s much simpler to find ‘the one’ when weeding out the duds — weigh up who you want to meet and who you just need to delete!

While all these advantages make meeting someone more convenient, there can be some detrimental downsides to online dating that you need to be aware of before swiping right.



Can we just talk?

While it’s well and good to chat online, talking through a screen can be less stimulating and intimate than talking in face-to-face. Plus, if the person you’re talking to is more comfortable chatting online than conversing with you over dinner, it might be time to move on. Not only will the relationship not progress naturally, you both have to be comfortable in each other’s company. Keep an eye out for those who say ‘I love talking to you’ but constantly flake on catching up.

You’re just too good to be true
Hiding behind a keyboard has it’s benefits for those with social anxiety, but it also gives people the opportunity to be anyone they want to be. You might find someone genuine and funny, but once you meet they turn out to be quite creepy with your fight or flight mode ready to take action. When meeting someone unfamiliar, make sure a friend or family member knows who, when and where you’re meeting, safety is extremely important in these circumstances.

To bee or not to bee
The main goal when using these apps is to find a partner, but different platforms serve different purposes. Sites like eHarmony and RSVP have a higher respectability rate than Tinder and Bumble (as found in a 2017 study), so what does that mean for those looking for a long-term relationship?

With Tinder boasting 26+ million matches per day worldwide, people that have it, along with Bumble, may say they’re looking for a relationship but you’ll have to take that with a pinch of salt. While some people may genuinely be looking for their perfect ‘one’, others will be searching for their perfect ‘one night stand’ — keep your heart open but not on your sleeve.


Whether you’ve been online dating for a while or just starting out, it’s always important to prioritise your safety before your feelings. Dating can be fun and exciting as you get to meet new people and flings can turn into meaningful relationships, it’s important to enjoy the ride and the search for your perfect match, even Princess Tiana had to kiss a few frogs!

Dr Lurve