What does your personality say about your time in the bedroom?

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We look at the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types to help you find out how you and your partner’s personality matches up.


Inspector – ISTJ

Quiet and serious, they are dependable, practical and responsible, working toward a goal with hard work and patience. The Inspector is very loyal and loves to focus on tradition – sex is only for the bedroom with their long-term lover between the sheets: no toys, chains or hot wax allowed.


Nurturer – ISFJ

Friendly, reserved and conscientious, their considerate and caring nature for how others feel is unparalleled. They strive for harmony and want others to feel good – the Nurturer is very generous in life and the bedroom, making sure their partner is looked after even if their own needs aren’t met.


Counsellor – INFJ

Organised and decisive, they care about others and want to know what makes them tick. With a fresh outlook on life and seeing the world differently, the Counsellor is down to try new things and is eager to find out exactly what makes their partner go crazy in bed.


Mastermind – INTJ

Ready to achieve their goals but happiest when alone, they are reserved and observe what’s around them; skeptical and independent with high standards. Mastermind’s prefer to take the lead with their partner so their own bedroom fantasies can unfold perfectly.


Craftsman – ISTP

Quick to solve a problem they are mysterious but use rationale when needed. They’re unpredictable behind the scenes as they put on a more preserved front. A Craftsman is shy at first but once they get in the sheets their spontaneity has their lover taken by surprise (in the best way).


Composer – ISFP

Friendly, sensitive and kind, they’re introverts that don’t seem that way. They enjoy their own space but love socialising and are ready for new adventures. Composer’s love to give people a good time, so in the bedroom they’ll be up for a new experience and a nice cuddle afterward.


Idealist – INFP

Flexible, quiet and loyal, they observe signs and omens, looking for deeper meaning than taking something for face value. They’re often daydream or fantasise – Idealist’s will make their partner’s needs a priority for a night of exploring and satisfying each other.


Thinker – INTP

Quiet, contained and adaptable; brilliant minds that seek logic. They are highly focused and can easily read people – the Thinker would take every move into consideration and use their partner’s body language to read what they do and don’t like in the bedroom.


Doer – ESTP

Social, spontaneous and hands-on, they are energetic and do before they think. They would rather be active than wait – Doer’s are sexually open in the bedroom, ready at a moment’s notice any time at any place, they’ll take a risk for pleasure and worry about the consequences later.


Performer – ESFP

Loving life and they don’t care who knows it, they are outgoing, friendly people who are realistic and make everything fun. The Performer’s generosity and warmth is appreciated by their lover and always turns out to be a fun (and loud) experience.


Champion – ENFP

Intuitive, flexible and real, they see through fake people and make connections in their mind quickly. They’re able to improvise and create their own paths and live life outside the box. A Champion in the bedroom loves to be praised for their efforts, and are definitely down for a fun night if you are.


Visionary – ENTP

Highly intelligent and quick thinking, they are outspoken and get easily bored by routine. They don’t enjoy other people’s company and need to be constantly stimulated – Visionary’s will rarely do the same thing twice, so their partner will always be greeted by new ways of getting down and dirty but might need toys or stimulants for support.


Supervisor – ESTJ

Traditional and realistic, these extroverts are loyal to routine and logic while guiding people in social situations. Usually the leaders of the pack – the Supervisor will ensure their partner is having a pleasure-filled time and will see to it they are satisfied to the end.


Provider – ESFJ

Dedicated to others and like to be appreciated, they are social butterflies that enjoy the spotlight. Harmony is a must and it can only come from their organisational skill set – Provider’s in the bedroom will do just that, provide. They give their lover what they need and make sure they are satisfied and vocal, they love the attention.


Giver – ENFJ

Outspoken, charismatic and empathetic, they want to connect with anyone and everyone. They love focusing on what the future holds and rely on their intuition to show them the way – a Giver loves feedback and will focus on connecting on a deeper level with their partner.


Commander – ENTJ

Natural born leaders that are to the point, they are all about setting goals and rising to the challenge. Great decision-making skills and cannot sit still, Commander’s in the bedroom will want to get things done the right way (their way) and take the lead for the night.

Dr Lurve